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CAFFEINEcontrol Makes It Easy To Reduce Caffeine

What Is CAFFEINEcontrol?


It’s like training wheels to create a new relationship with caffeine without enduring nasty caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

This is the FIRST, and ONLY, product of its kind to give you a fast, flexibile and efficient way to reduce caffeine while you also support mood, sleep and immune health. Best of all, it lets you stay focused and productive as you reduce. Yes, there are many caffeine tablets out there. But, no other product is based on a low-caffeine content. 

It’s a fast and flexible low-caffeine alternative. No rules, no mistakes. In short, you just show consistent progress to your caffeine goal. 

It’s not caffeine pills. To clarify, it’s a sweet, pineapple and mango flavored tablet, that dissolves on the tongue. Most importantly, it tastes great! And that gives you back control so you can “want” a cup of coffee instead of “need” one.

How Does CAFFEINEcontrol Work?


CAFFEINEcontrol creates a partial deprivation condition which interrupts the onset of caffeine withdrawal symptoms allowing you to cut back quickly. 

Specifically, the microdose of caffeine, when combined with a proprietary blend of active ingredients keeps you feeling focused and alert while you quickly meet your caffeine goals.

Best of all, CAFFEINEcontrol hacks the entire caffeine delivery process by providing results FASTER than a cup of coffee, energy drink or caffeine pill. For this reason, it gives you just the energy you need now, instead of stockpiling caffeine in your tissues that just keeps you up at night when you are ready to rest. 

Is Too Much Caffeine A Problem For You?


The Only Decision Is To Start

In short, simply replace normal caffeine consumption with a CAFFEINEcontrol tablet. If you replace just one tall coffee (12 oz) with a CAFFEINEcontrol tablet, you will have cut your caffeine intake by over 85% but will still feel alert and energized. Moreover, you will skip any nasty caffeine withdrawal symptoms so you easily and consistently make progress toward your caffeine goal.

Accordingly, CAFFEINEcontrol gives you just the boost you need RIGHT NOW instead of overserving you, leading to caffeine peaks and crashes and overconsumption that can lead to caffeine addiction.

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Address ALL The Unique Needs Of Effective Caffeine Management​

Better Mood, Better Sleep, More Focus

L-Theanine supports caffeine withdrawal by helping with mood elevation, promoting better sleep and also improving mental focus when combined with caffeine.

Energy Without Caffeine Addiction​

Each tablet gives you just a small fraction of the caffeine found in a small coffee. The 21mg dose of caffeine will allow the average American to safely consume up to 19 tablets a day while working to reduce caffeine, but also allows for about 6 tablets a day without triggering an addiction response.

Fast Results

Drinking caffeine depends on digestion for delivery, which can take almost an hour to reach full effectiveness.

CAFFEINEcontrol hacks caffeine consumption by absorbing caffeine in the mouth instead of the stomach. This allows you to feel the caffeine more quickly or disrupt withdrawal symptoms FAST and you won’t over-consume by accident. 

Government research, conducted on caffeine to explore its use with soldiers, confirms that THE most effective way to consume caffeine is by mouth, not the stomach. CAFFEINEcontrol hacks the process by micro dosing small amounts of caffeine absorbed through the mouth (oral mucosa) allowing nearly instant results.

Tastes Great

Pineapple and mango flavor to refresh the mouth and delight your taste buds. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor when you reduce caffeine intake. We got 100% taste test approval ratings in our focus groups. It’s why we are so confident you will like CAFFEINEcontrol that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Supports General Health

Each tablet has Vitamin C and Zinc, proven through independent research to help support the immune system. They are formulated into each tablet at the optimal absorption level to combat the unique stress of quitting caffeine.

Fact-Based Decisions

All ingredients are based on independent scientific research. Visit our research page for links to some of the university sponsored studies that allow you to be confident your choice is not based on “marketing hype”.

Supports American Jobs

 Manufactured in the USA. This assures we adhere to strict health guidelines, use only the highest quality ingredients, and support local jobs. Packaged in a unique, light and air-tight pouch, designed specifically to avoid waste AND keep product fresh longer. Filled to capacity with no extra space to make a product “appear” bigger.

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Control Caffeine Withdrawal By Knowing Your Triggers


The first step in controlling Caffeine is knowing your triggers so you are ready to stop caffeine withdrawal before it starts. We have a free worksheet to help you determine your caffeine triggers and goals. Interested? 

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