Don’t Be Obsessed With The Caffeine In Coffee

Stay 110% Productive Without Counting Caffeine

My caffeine addiction didn’t make me into a coffee hater. And I didn’t want a caffeine addiction solution that made me completely give up caffeine or spend all my time trying to figure out how much in coffee, energy drinks or soda. 

Growing up in the coffee culture of Seattle, caffeine addiction was considered a way of life. I sometimes drank 3-4 large espresso drinks a day while routinely working 16-18 hours days for most of my career. I didn’t consider the caffeine in coffee to be an issue. The more the better!

Ultimately, I needed caffeine to fuel my reputation for getting things done. In 2017, when I got laid off in a mass restructuring I didn’t sit around moping. I immediately took a lower paying job near my home, to keep my resume current, and enrolled in an accelerated masters degree program. Working full time and going to school full time I was BUSY. And caffeine is what kept me going.


Peak Caffeine Addiction

At my peak I was consuming well over 1200mg of caffeine a day. Almost all of that came from the caffeine in coffee. But, I also drank an occasional Diet Coke. Any way you look at it, that’s 3x what the FDA has established as the safe limit for caffeine. I felt jittery and anxious. I had trouble sleeping. Waking up was even harder. Finally, I developed a twitch under my left eye that lasted for 3 straight weeks.

A quick search on the internet told me I checked just about every box for caffeine addiction symptoms. My doctor agreed. Another search of the internet told me there was no current solution that would work for me. Quitting caffeine was not my goal. Even with all the pain of severe caffeine addiction, I had things to do. I was not willing to quit anything. But, I knew I needed to dial back the caffeine in coffee.

In the end, I didn’t want to go with an all-or-nothing approach. So, I tried to just cut back a little at a time.

Skipping my first morning coffee triggered a headache almost immediately. I started feeling nausea and exhaustion before lunch. I thought maybe I had the flu. But, a cup of coffee immediately killed the flu-like symptoms and I knew I had a big problem.

My caffeine addiction was not going to go away just because I wanted to try something different. The luxury of stopping work or school to make it through the worst of the symptoms was not an option I had. And constantly trying to calculate the caffeine in coffee, or tea, or anything, else was a game I didn’t have time to play. I needed a solution that would support my busy schedule, not hinder it.


A Unique Caffeine Addiction Solution

I had the idea that I could create a mint, similar to Altoids, that would let me reduce my caffeine in a quick and convenient way. The idea was to trade out the caffeine in coffee for a great tasting, low-caffeine, alternative that I didn’t have to stand in line for. It could save both time, and money, and dial back caffeine in a convenient way.

So, I ordered a machine to compress tablets and test the idea. That triggered a visit from 4 officers from the DEA. But, that’s a story for another day. I also read thousands of pages of research papers and used the machine to create a tablet that helped me reduce my caffeine to the point I was no longer addicted.

Finally, I contracted a professional formulation company to improve on the flavor profile because the original mint flavored idea did not taste as good as I wanted it to.  However, the original concept and ingredients were born out of my research during my masters program and the desire to break free from caffeine addiction.

I still occasionally have a cup of coffee. But not every day. I don’t consume CAFFEINEcontrol tablets every day either. I’m happily addiction-free. I only use caffeine in coffee as an occasional tool or a pleasant treat. I am now able to use caffeine when I WANT it, rather that when my caffeine addiction determines I NEED it.  

Here is the secret you probably won’t hear anywhere else: when you stop being addicted to caffeine, it will WORK again. That’s the real freedom of beating a caffeine addiction. You get to use caffeine like a tool, to fuel your ambitions. And you stop being a slave to a caffeine addiction that makes you consume the caffeine in coffee to avoid feeling bad.



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